A fundamental part of the evolution of any photographer consists in a good and continuous education. This series of workshops are design for the photographer to choose the 2 topics that he wants to be trained in an individual space.  Workshops students will have exclusive access to our Facebook Group where can receive Photo Critiques, Education Follow-Up and much more.

Option 1 - $150 (2.5 Hours)

Choose 2 topics of the following for your individual training session. Each topic has a duration of 1.25 hours:

  • Basic Photography Concepts (Recommended for Beginners)
  • Natural Light
  • Strobes Basic (Single Light, Modifiers)

Option 2 - $250 (4 Hours)

Choose 2  topics of the following for your individual training session each topic has a duration of 2 hours:

  • Strobes Intermediate (Natural + Strobe Combinations)
  • Strobes Advanced (3 + Lights)
  • Posing Techniques from a Photographer Perspective
  • Photoshop Post Process
  • Workflow Optimization in Adobe Lightroom

Customized trainings available.

For more information about reservations please contact us HERE


Kind Regards,

Carlos Serrano